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On August 11, I’m scheduled to bring Shayna in for a follow-up consult with our (amazing) holistic vet, who will be examining her, advising us on the results of all of her recent diagnostic tests, and her prospective upcoming surgery.  I suggested that rather than just evaluating her on what she sees in the office (Shayna laying on the floor, or sitting up) that I take some videos of her daily activities. The vet thought this would be a good idea, too.

One of the main points I wanted to make (actually, to celebrate) is the fact that even though she’s a bit slower getting started in the mornings (who isn’t?), Shayna is amazingly active and energetic for her age, as you can see by these videos.  In fact, she’s actually been noticeably more active in recent weeks, since I’ve had her on a new supplement that the science indicates could be a real breakthrough in natural healing.  I will identify the supplement by name at some point in the future if I became thoroughly convinced that Shayna’s growing wellness is, in fact, due to its influence.

Video 1: “Shayna running, jumping in park”

The part of this video that is really amazing to me is that until about a month ago, Shayna would maybe do one or two sequences of jumping over these “Z-bars,” then indicate she didn’t want to do it anymore.  It’s an exercise she used to love to do and could do endlessly when she was young.  Note that at the end, when I ask her if she wants to go swimming, she enthusiastically jumps up into the truck:

Video 2: “Shayna swimming in Rivanna River”

Aside from doing our toy-retrieval training, swimming is about Shayna’s favorite activity.  And as it’s low-impact but requires a lot of energy (she’s a big girl), she gets a really good workout.

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