Shayna’s upcoming surgery

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This is the short version:

  • I had my first consultation with a highly-recommended veterinary surgeon on Thursday, August 16.  After an extensive discussion, I have decided to go ahead with Shayna’s surgery, which will occur on or about Sept. 4, to remove the tumor on her liver.
  • Based on Shayna’s near-perfect health otherwise, and the diagnostic data (complete blood work, urinalysis and x-rays), and barring any unforeseen complications, the surgeon is predicting a 90-95% chance of success, defined as removing all or the vast majority of it, and her making a speedy, full recovery.  That is not to say that whatever it is won’t come back, but hopefully, he will get it all, and with the support services of our holistic vet (who has an awesome record with me), we will be able to combat it with herbal and traditional medicine to prevent any further surgery.  We won’t know if it the tumor is malignant or benign until after the surgeon sends off a piece of it to a lab in Colorado.
  • I am now focused on creating a fundraising mechanism to help pay for all this; the estimated cost for the surgery is $2,000 – $3,000, and follow-up holistic care at about $3,500. In summary, donors will receive a listing on a “Shayna’s Heroes” page in my upcoming e-book about her, and on this website; businesses who donate past a certain threshold (TBD) will receive a link-back to their websites.  FYI, I am scheduled to appear on a local radio talk show, The Schilling Show, on Friday, August 24 at 1:15 EST to talk about Shayna, why she is my “miracle” dog, her upcoming surgery, and how interested people and businesses can donate to her healthcare fund.

Go here (coming soon) for a detailed description of how we got to this point, medically, and why, as time goes by, I am growing more optimistic for a favorable outcome.

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