Shayna’s Heroes


This page is dedicated to gratefully acknowledging those who donated to the “Save Shayna” fundraising campaign:

Shayna’s Superheroes:

Donated $100 or more to “Shayna’s Health Fund” and/or performed some special service that helped us in another way:

Al Aitken, Founder & Chairman, Virginians Over-Taxed On Residences; VOTORS.

Howard Arnn: Strategist, Planet Earth. Howard came up with the idea for a lone “Save Shayna” webpage, and a video to help promote it, and set up its PayPal structure. Shayna knows Howard in person, and adores him. If you need social media help for your business or personal project, learn a bit about Howard here, and contact him via email.

Rabbi Joe Blair, Temple House of Israel, Staunton, VA: Sage counsel from a dog lover and theologian.

Larry Borish, MD: Professor of Medicine at the University of Virginia (info); to me, the model of what a physician can and should be.

Zach Bush, MD, Medical Director, Revolution Health Center, Scottsville, VA; medical counsel and more (coming).

Hunter Craig, The Hunter Craig Co.

Marguerite David, MSW, LCSW, Center of Wellness, pet grief counseling; website.

Keith Drake, Ph.D.

Todd Klein: Chicago Financial

The KONG Company: Along with the expert guidance of Dr. Janice Raab, KONG’s amazing rubber food-dispensing products have been vital in helping me to shave 18 lbs off of Shayna, to her ideal weight of 60 lbs.  See this video for an example of how I use the classic KONG to give Shayna a healthy treat on hot summer days.

Dani McVety, DVM, LapOfLove Veterinary Hospice.  A remarkable woman, a remarkable service: she along with Mary Gardner, DVM, lead a group of 40 veterinarians in 13 states (23 locations) dedicated solely to end-of-life veterinary care.

Jim Morris, – dedicated to combating the welfare entitlement mentality, and the destructive impact that it has on those who harbor it.

Greene Lake Healing Center:  An herbal pharmacy and holistic healing practice, run by Paul and Lisa Olko.  You’ve been consistently helpful in helping me to learn about the herbal medicines that Dr. Raab has recommended, and have been amazingly supportive. Thank you, and Jonah too.

Bill Perdue

Janice Raab, DVM: Dr. Raab is a holistic vet at Charlottesville Veterinary Hospital, who’s been treating Shayna since October 2011.  By following her guidance, we’ve been able to improve Shayna’s health in a number of key ways.  In fact, were it not for Dr. Raab, Shayna would not even be alive right now.  Thanks to Dr. Raab and her fine support staff, particularly Christine, Kim, Chastity, Letitia and Ashley.

Amy Stacy, RN, BSN, CHPN, distributor of ASEA, one of the supplements I give to Shayna, that is based on the science of redox signaling molecules.  Contact Amy via email.

Terri Stevenson: – a remarkable fabric artist who, of her own volition and charitable spirit, made Shayna an “angel quilt.”  See the story here.

Glenn Staley

Virginia Veterinary Specialists: We are very fortunate to have had the excellent care of Dr. Kevin Stiffler (surgeon) and Dr. Anna Paling (cardiologist), along with the superb tech staff at VVS, especially Colleen, Kati and Lori.

Clara Belle Wheeler

Shayna’s Heroes:

Donated $10 or more to to “Shayna’s Health Fund”:

Melinda Baumann

Lisa Berry

Rabbi Joe Blair

Klaus Boettcher

Shayna saying, “Thank you!”

Debra Bolling

Kyle Bollmeier

Lori Borish

Michael & Dona Breen

June Brott

Mary Chambers

Eric Coe

Margaret Donato

Kat Draego

B Dresner

Pat Earle

Robert Erlick

Al Falcone

Owen Fitz

Ilana Freedman

John Gassett

Eddie & Kathy Giles

Andrew Good, Esq.

Luther Y. Gore

Sharon Hackbert-Peterson

Steven Harhaj

CW Hartman, Jr.

Gary Head

Jenn Hines

Pat Humes

Adam Karno

Todd Klein

Eva Knight

Gary Kruckeberg

Amy Lacey

Charles  & Adella Langham

James Lark, PhD

Delia Laux

Joseph Levy

Josh Levy

Arthur Little

Grace McCabe

Claudia McCue

Jim Moore

Jim Morris

Thomas & Leslie Newsome

Danielle Puig

Christopher Rankin

Bill Reed

Mary Reese

Rhett Ripplinger

Mike Rogers

Keith Rosenfeld

Lyle Rossiter, MD

Arnold Roth

Rob Schilling

Wendy Simmel

Amy Stacy

Glenn Staley

Larry Stremikis

Harvey & Margaret Sugarman

Robert Sutz

Kristine Terrell

Carole Thorpe

Robert Tienken

Leonard Tosto

Aristea Vlavianos

Renee Walker

Bill Wharton

Eugene Williams

Linda Wood