“Saved By Shayna: Life Lessons From A Miracle Dog” is much more than just another dog book.  As the Introduction describes, it is the story of how a person with a extremely troubled background was able to finally begin healing from severe traumas, thanks in large part to the love and spirit of a “miracle dog,” and the self-awakening that resulted from learning to be a effective dog “dad” to her.

Life Lesson 14: “Honor The Joy” (by Shayna)

The book concludes with sixteen of the “life lessons” I’ve learned during my first ten years of being Shayna’s “dad.”  As it turned out, though, four of these “lessons” are more effectively told from Shayna’s perspective – including this one.  The basic theme: how easy it can become to minimize and take for granted the pure joy and love that awaits a person when they return home, and to almost instantly jump right back into our “wired” world; the mutual benefit that can be derived from always fully honoring the love in one’s dog, every day.

Passage excerpts

This page contains extended-length passage excerpts from the book, relating to a broad range of subject matter, including my search for Shayna, why it was so frustrating and long, learning to be a discriminating consumer of dog-related products and services, pivotal aspects of the human-dog relationship, and more.