Video: The night before Shayna’s big tests

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Yesterday afternoon (July 29), I emailed Shayna’s friends an update on her medical status, and the lab work and x-ray we’re going to have done today, to determine if she’s a candidate for the surgery that’s being recommended.

Last night, it was unusually cool, after having been so stiflingly hot, so I took her to the nearby high school to do our training, on the lit tennis courts.  As you can see, she is doing great, and I was working hard to maintain my same positive, encouraging attitude.

I only was able to maintain my composure until the end, when the dam broke.

The really beautiful part, to me, was that although she’s not an affectionate dog, she immediately picked up on it, and plastered my face with kisses.  As I say at the end, our bond is 1,000 times stronger than anything I could have hoped for when I got her.  To whatever cosmic force(s) put us together on that particular day ten years ago, after my long, long search for the “right” first dog for me, I thank you, and will continue working to earn Shayna’s love, and trust.

July 31 update: Good news: Shayna’s tests all came back fantastic – better, actually.  One that we were paying particular attention to measures the function of her kidneys, to see if the alternative medicine therapy that our holistic vet recommended is still working, to reverse what was a very troubling symptom.  Turns out that her kidneys are back to functioning completely normally.  Thank you, thank you, to our guardian angels, including all those who prayed with us for positive results.

August 11 update: There is a new wrinkle in all this, that is deeply troubling, and I can’t talk about it right now.  For anyone reading this who loves Shayna, please say an extra little prayer for her.




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