The Blog

The Blog is a potpourri of news and insights about:

My life with Shayna: The good, the bad, the funny, the completely unexpected, the curious, and why I always feel like I hit the cosmic jackpot for having met Shayna, just as I was about to give up my search for the “right” first dog for me.

The book I’m writing about Shayna, and what I’ve learned by being her “dad.”  Actually, I’m formatting it as an e-book, which will contain lots of links to the content on this site.  My plan is to have it completed and available on the major e-book seller sites in the fall of 2012.

Dog parenting: Discussion and resources on dog nutrition, safety issues, and what it takes to be a really effective dog parent.

Dog welfare and laws:  If you’re like me, there’s almost nothing that gets you angrier than the abuse or neglect of dogs, a lack of laws to prevent it, or inadequately enforced ones.  Let’s talk about it, and see how we might work together to help make real progress in humane education, and creating and enforcing laws with real teeth.

Stories of other “miracle dogs”: Stories and videos of  “miracle dogs” that transformed someone’s life, or exhibited uncanny heroism or love. If you know of such a story, email me! (Note: In this section, I invite readers to send in stories and videos of their personal experiences with “miracle dogs.”)

Helpful resources: Links to, and discussion about websites, books, articles, videos and other materials that I hope will prove helpful to anyone who’s interested in becoming a great (or better) dog parent.

Shayna’s musings on being a dog, and living with me (coming)