08Mar12: Visiting UVa, showing where I used to “commune” with Mr. Jefferson about my first puppy

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As I describe in my book, I met Shayna on March 25, 2002 when she was just a little baby.  But in the weeks prior to that, I would occasionally visit the University of Virginia, as I was very new to the area, and there’s no end to the fascinating things to explore there, if one’s into American history and Thomas Jefferson’s role in crafting it, as I am. Just being on those grounds that he so lovingly designed by hand is, for me, a quasi-religious experience.

So today, I showed Shayna exactly where I used to sit, ten years ago to the day, to “commune” with Mr. J, to ask when the perfect first puppy for me is going to come along… and then presto!  A few weeks later, she arrived, as a tiny bundle of black fur:


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