01March12: Shayna and Dakota

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Border Collies are known for their love of having jobs to do.  For Shayna, a  Border Collie mix, her job is (a) to learn to master the names of her many different toys, and to go get them and put them away by name, (b) to learn other tricks, and (c) to put smiles on people’s faces.

Her boyfriend, Dakota, however, is a pure Border Collie, and while he’s at the tennis courts with his dad, David, a tennis instructor, his job (as he’s defined it) is to run back and forth at the edge of the court, in synch with the ball going back and forth.  And he does this for hours and hours.  On the bright side, he does take time out for Shayna now and then.

Special note: This is the first time that I’ve let Shayna completely off leash with Dakota.


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