19Feb12: Singing “Oh, What A Beautiful Shayna” to Shayna as we drive

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One of the highlights of my day is seeing Shayna’s smiling face in my rear view mirror as we drive along.  She likes to stand up in the back of the SUV, mostly with her head right over my right shoulder, looking at where we’re going; when we’re turning left, her head’s over my left shoulder, seeing where we’re going.

And one of the ways we have fun in the car, which always causes her to smile, is when I sing any song into which I’ve inserted “Shayna” (as a copywriter, believe me, I’ve come up with lots of them).  Here’s one: my adaptation of “Oh, What A Beautiful Morning!” (from “Oklahoma!”).  I conclude by asking Shayna if she wants to sing with me, as I begin howling.  That’s our latest discovery: she will howl along with me as I imitate a wolf’s call.  Unfortunately, today she decided to not sing.  Oh well… on with the show!


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