2012 Valentine’s Day with Shayna and Dakota

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This marks the first Valentine’s Day in Shayna’s life that she was able to spend with someone about her own size, of her own species, whom she is absolutely crazy about… and I couldn’t be happier for her.

As I note in the video below, the only two exceptions to this happiness are (1)  she’s been nursing a sore right rear foot (she apparently twisted something), but it’s getting much better with daily moist-heat massages, and (2) something’s going on with her kidneys that we are running some tests on – doesn’t appear to be anything serious for now, but of course, I am completely verklempt.

With that preface, on with the show:

Bonus: Here’s the happy couple the next night, same location, but different angle.  By the time we got here, David said Dakota had been running alongside the courts, chasing the tennis balls, for four hours… so he was exhausted, mucky and wasn’t in much of a mood for doing much more than saying a brief hello to Shayna.

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