Pics: Shayna doing her “frisbee skiing”

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This was one of the first indications I had of how inventive Shayna really is. She’d never been particularly interested in catching a frisbee. but was fascinated by its shape.

Then one day when she was about six months old, she decided a frisbee could be used as a “skiing” device: she turned it upside down, put it on the ground, backed up, then ran up and put her front paws into it, and pushed herself along. She found this to be endlessly amusing. Keep in mind that she taught this to herself in the summertime, on asphalt and concrete.

The real fun started when she got the chance to do this on the snow.

See videos of Shayna doing her “frisbee skiing” in the summer and winter here.


January 2005

Shayna didn’t even want to come home after discovering the delights of doing her “frisbee skiing” on the snow.  It was only my solicitation of giving her “yum-yum” (dinner), which she knows is always hot and delicious, and doing our training in front of the roaring fire, that snapped her out of her chilled bliss.

December 2005:

She just can’t get enough of this fun in the snow. But as much of a delight as it is to see her so joyful, there’s nothing better than coming home and shacking off the cold in front of a roaring fire, then getting a delicious warm meal. Though Shayna may think otherwise – she’s never quite ready to go home.


2006: “Frisbee skiing” on the sand, at the beach

In October 2006, Shayna decided to try this trick on sand, during our first trip to the ocean (see more pictures of our visit to Virginia Beach near the bottom of the page here).

See videos of Shayna doing her “frisbee skiing” in the summer and winter here.


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