May 31, 2008: Shayna’s first swim of the year

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This is one of the real high points of Shayna’s life. The whole drive up to the Chris Greene Lake Park, Shayna knows where we’re going – no matter how long it’s been since we’ve been there (in this case, months). She whimpers and whinnies the whole way, with her head on one of my shoulders, or out the window as we roll along. I ask her in a very enthusiastic voice, “Shayna, where do you think we’re going???” and she replies with a howl… it’s so cute.

But of course, her first love is chasing down her tennis balls.  I guess she needs to work up a bit of an appetite for that cool, cool lake water.

One more cool bonus in this video: In the first few seconds, you can see how Shayna is progressing with her understanding “One ball, two ball”… knowing whether I want her to get one of her tennis balls or two.

So, without further explanation, here ya go… Shayna’s first, invigorating swim of 2008:


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