April 12, 2009: Our seventh anniversary

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I cannot believe it’s been seven years since I met and adopted Shayna, as a little 14 pound bundle of black fur.

How fearful yet optimistic I was, being that I was going to be responsible for another living creature. Yet look how it all turned out, after those months of hunting for the perfect first dog for me. Thanks again to the folks out there who were so encouraging before and after our adoption (you know who you are).

Here, you get to see some of Shayna’s new toys and new tricks – namely, her growing ability to put ring-type toys onto a “pole.” I’m all but convinced that there’s practically nothing she can’t learn to do.

She doesn’t do as good here as she does in our normal, indoor environment, where we’ve been doing this work for months because it’s been so dog-gone c-c-cold outside!!! This is the first time we’ve done outdoor training in a very long time. But she does pretty good… and will get better the more we do this outside.


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