16Nov12: A walk/run through the woods with Shayna

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I’m almost speechless… but you can hear my delight, relief and joy in this 6:00 video. I’ve not seen Shayna run like this, for me*, in probably a year (*she tries to run for other people who throw her ball, to show off, but normally that’s a one or two run venture).

I don’t know if our prayers have been answered (background here), but as you can see she is doing fantastic, much better than even a few months ago, before her surgery to remove the tumor from her liver.

I haven’t posted the “before” videos yet, after she got the terrible diagnosis in late October… but to look at her now, as opposed to even a few months ago, I am just stunned.

Thanks to all of you who’ve joined me in prayer for Shayna’s health and well-being.

If you’d like to donate to Shayna’s Health Fund, to help me pay for all the medicines, supplements and therapeutics that are helping her to fight her condition, click here.




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