Lab to get heart surgery – by human heart surgeons in France

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Labrador to undergo human heart surgery nine-month-old Lycka

This has got to be the luckiest dog in all of France.  9-month-old Lycka, who lives with his dad, Christian, in a Paris suburb, was diagnosed as having a serious heart abnormality, that veterinarians are not capable of solving.  So Lycka is going to have his heart repaired, by human heart surgeons.

Although the malady is different, it’s actually an eerily similar situation to mine, with Shayna.  From the article in the Telegraph (UK):

Out of work and unable to afford such a sum, Christian Collin, Lycka’s owner, who adopted the dog after he was abandoned at three months, was unable to foot the bill. So the SPA agreed to stump up 70 per cent of the sum and launched a Facebook campaign asking for donations to pay for the remainder. Yesterday, they were still several hundred euros short but were confident of reaching the target before the operation, due on December 20. “One man offered us 300 euros on the spot, it’s wonderful,” said Miss Vatin.

My friends and colleagues know I am very Jeffersonian in regards to France: I view its government very dimly, but the French people, as evidenced by this remarkable story, as being among the most generous in the world, when it comes to their dogs.  Any culture that treats its dogs this way, even one of them, is not a complete lost cause.




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