“Titan” the Pit Bull saves his human mom’s life

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John Benton was getting ready to leave for work one day this July when the family’s dog, Titan, started blocking the doorway.

“He ran down the steps and would not let me go out the front door,” Benton said. “He was barking and running around in circles, he’d run up a few flights of steps and run back down just to keep me from going to let me know something was wrong. And that’s when I followed him up the stairs to see what he was trying to tell me.”

What he found was his wife, Gloria, on the floor, her head bleeding. They later found out she had suffered from a brain aneurysm and had fallen and fractured her skull. John said doctors told him if Titan hadn’t alerted him that Gloria was in trouble, she might have not survived.

Now, Titan is being honored as “Neighbor of the Year” by the Vintage Pointe Neighborhood Association. He is the first dog to receive this honor, and the first male.

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