August 11, 2010: Getting toys by name – from behind sofa!!

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The first thing to notice about this video is how well-lit Shayna is this time.  (I’ve learned it’s not easy to photograph or videotape a jet-black dog!).  She had a bath the day before, and as it was a sunny day today, I opened the door behind us, and used the big (good) camera, so she looks like a million bucks (at least to me!).

As I note in the introduction, several inquirers asked a good question through time: How does the skeptic know for sure if I am not pointing, off camera, to the toy I want Shayna to get?

So I figured out a sort of solution: I would sit behind the sofa, throw the toys over it, then have her run to the other side and get the toy I want, by name.

How’d she do? See for yourself!

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