What does it take to be a great dog parent?

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This is one of the subjects I will be covering in significant depth in my book about Shayna, because I certainly have my own ideas about it.

But I’m especially interested in hearing the thoughts of other committed dog parents.

In development.


Update: WebMD has produced a good slide show on “How to be a great puppy parent” – one part of which really stood out to me, as I discuss this in my book, as well:

Before Adoption: First Know Thyself

Before bringing home a puppy, get to know yourself a little better. Why do you want a dog? Will you have the time, space, and money to care for and play with your pup? Which breed do you want? Know the answers before you start looking because “once you look, you are going to bring home a puppy!” says Carrie Damewood, DVM, an Oregon veterinarian. You want to make sure your choice is for life — the dog’s life.

Amen, Dr. Damewood.

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