Richmond, VA ABC TV affiliate does story featuring Shayna

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This feature was filmed in mid-October (the story page, with complete transcript, is here).

I thank the WRIC reporter, Amy Lacey, for doing a really good job in presenting Shayna’s story, and that of the other dog parent who was featured. (As opposed to another news story on us that was done by a local TV station a few months ago that ended up a big mess, and was so bad that the station management took it off their website, at my request.)

The timing of the airing of this feature, on Monday, Nov. 25, which was eerie, because we were in the middle of a bit of a crisis.  Shayna has been experiencing significant anxiety at night, which was preventing her from sleeping as well as she normally does.  An exam with her cardiologist, Dr. Anna Paling, indicated no apparent causes, and chest x-rays actually revealed good news: although her heart tumor has grown, it has not spread to other organs, and there is no fluid in her chest or lungs.  Her anxiety has now been tamped down with a stronger pain reliever, which is relaxing her and letting her sleep.

Despite all this, I had several long talks with Shayna’s medical team, and also a wonderful hospice vet, Dani McVety DVM, who has sort of taken me under her wing, and I feel at least a little more comfortable with where we are, and like I have a clearer picture of what the future may hold, the choices I have, and how I will handle things.

Now, some positive news!

As you can see in this short (4:00) video from Sunday, Nov. 24, Shayna is doing incredibly great with her activity level, training regimen, and you can see how happy she is:

Also, a few days ago I started a new training regimen with Shayna: teaching her “the shell game,” in which I put a tennis ball under one of several cups, and she has to indicate where it is, even after I move them around. She is picking it up pretty quickly. I will make a video of this once she’s a bit more proficient.

Lastly, my book about Shayna is now done, and will be out within the next week or so. So, for our friends, and those who’ve donated to Shayna’s Health Fund, look for an email soon with a code that will get you a free download of the book, which will be valid for five days.

Happy Holidays to all. To our friends, family and donors, thank you for all your love, encouragement and support. We really need it now.




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