14Mar13 – Flash card training, and a shout-out to an old friend

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This video shows Shayna doing her flash card toy retrieval training, and dunking balls in her new talking basketball backboard.  Plus, I give a shout-out to a one of the employees at the CASPCA with whom I interacted from January-April 2002, Shaye, who was so helpful and patient as I began the long search for the ‘right’ first dog for me – and with whom I recently reconnected.

Shayna was a bit low-key here; this was one of her “down” times.  We’d had a long day – started off with a long walk through the woods, then had a long visit at the Senior Center (pics coming), then embarked on this training.  By the end, she was pretty tired, and wanted to go lay down instead of giving me the two kisses I normally get after each training session (I omitted the last minute of this video, in which I attempt to cajole her to come back, which she does not do – very unusual).

I admit I am very concerned, but try to focus on the positive, and give her every opportunity for joy and gratification.  That’s really my job right now.

For background on Shayna’s medical condition, and our most recent update, please see 12Mar13: “Celebrating 4 months plus 1, 2, 3, 4…”

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