20Feb13: Day trip to UVa; glowing Shayna

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As I describe on this site and elsewhere, the University of Virginia, and particularly the Rotunda, is one of my and Shayna’s favorite places to visit.  For me, it’s where my spiritual journey to rebuild my life after 9/11 began – and to ask for help to find the “right” first dog for me.  For Shayna, she loves being around the young people, and I believe the positive spirit that emanates from that very special place.

She hasn’t felt particularly great the past few days, just a bit down, but today it was fairly warm (at least in the mid-40s, I think), and I was able to convince her to go to UVa.  As soon as we got out of the truck, about six blocks away from here, she immediately began to perk up.

This is probably one of the best pictures that’s ever been taken of us:

20Feb13 - JonShayna at UVA 2

 20Feb13 - JonShayna at UVA 1

She’s maintaining her ideal weight very well, as you can see:

20Feb13 - Shayna morning sun

The “stoop” in front of the Rotunda, and the statue of Mr. Jefferson, where my odyssey began, in November 2001:

20Feb13 - Shayna UVA5

20Feb13 - Shayna UVA3

20Feb13 - Shayna UVA2

20Feb13 - Shayna UVA1

Afterwards, we went to Panera and sat outside for a while.  She had treats and enjoyed visits from her friends, and I continued working on my book.  All in all, a great day.

20Feb13 - Shayna look

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