25Apr12: Shayna’s “bad hair day”

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OK, I’m being facetious.

On Monday, April 23, I brought Shayna in for an ultrasound of her abdomen (her first).  Some months ago our vet detected something going on with her kidneys that was a source of concern, but with a combination of traditional and Chinese medicines, we were able to all but reverse the symptoms.  The question remained, though, what was (is) causing the situation?  It took a little while to save up for the ultrasound, though, as I had a bunch of other financial things going on that were all costing money, and our vet said it was not a right-now priority, so I had some breathing room.

The good news is that according to the vet her kidneys look okay, everything around them looks okay, but she saw something new – an abnormality on her liver.  She said this is nothing to be worried about now, it could just be a benign abnormality, or something else, we’ll recheck in 60 days.

So this marked the first time in ten years that Shayna had her belly shaved (the first being her spay surgery when she was 4 months old)… so… for the past few days I’ve been telling friends who’ve seen her that she’s having a “bad hair day”:

If you are a praying person, please, say a little prayer for Shayna.  Of course I am worried.  But as her “dad,” that’s my job.  She is everything to me, my best friend, my little girl, and I love her so.



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