07Jan12: Shayna’s 10th birthday

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It’s almost inconceivable to me that Shayna is now ten years old.  Wasn’t it just last year that she was that beautiful little 15 lb. puppy that I adopted? (pics; video)  Today, however, she’s a beautiful 75 lb. dog, who still thinks she’s a puppy. It is a joy to see.

This video was taken at a nearby schoolyard.  It showcases one of the things I’m writing about in my book, which I hope earns me enough money to build for her: her very own playground, with lots of big big toys and wood chips, in the backyard of the home I’d like to buy.  You can see what a kick she gets out of the jump-over bars; she can’t even wait for my command to begin jumping over them.

I truly am blessed that she is in such good shape at ten.  Oscar Wilde said that the secret of remaining young is “An inordinate passion for pleasure.”  If that’s true, then it behooves me to follow her lead – because she reminds me every day that pleasure is what life is all about.


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