Jan. 17, 2011: How to make Shayna’s dinner

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On January 20, 2011, I was scheduled to undergo my first-ever surgery (outpatient).

Were I a loner, it would be a pretty straightforward process: get to the hospital, pray for the best, come home, and heal.  But as Shayna’s “dad” and best friend, my life is blissfully more complicated. What happens if something goes wrong? What happens if I don’t make it? I already made arrangements for two friends who would be slated to take care of Shayna in my absence (one as my primary choice, the second as a backup).

Overall, dog care is pretty straightforward. But for Shayna, it’s more complicated. I prepare her meals a certain way that she loves, and her new caregiver would need to know, at least in the short-term, where everything is, and how it’s prepared.

I already wrote out a list of everything my replacement would need to know.  But then, I had a “eureka!” moment: One of my very best friends, Rob, has a pair of video glasses that records to a tiny memory card. I didn’t know how good quality the video is, but I asked to borrow the glasses, so I could show, with both hands free, how I make her meals, etc. Here’s the result — not bad!!! (The house was a bit of a a mess, though, in the flurry of preparing for… well, ay eventuality):

You can call me obsessive, or whatever you want.

But Shayna’s my girl, and if little things like this make her happy, and keep her healthy, why not? One of my favorite quotes is from the movie “Vanilla Sky” (trailer here), in which Tom Cruise comments, at a pivotal point in his life, “The little things… they mean the most, don’t they?”

In my humble opinion, yes, they do.


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