July 15, 2008: Shayna learning to ‘count’: “One ball, two balls…”

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This is a skill we’ve been working on for some time – learning to essentially “count.”

Shayna loves to go retrieve two tennis balls in her mouth at the same time. But from what I’ve read, teaching a dog the concept of “one” and “two” is a fairly big deal – as I found out, first-hand, from trying to teach her to understand what I mean when I tell her, “Go get one ball!!” and “Go get two balls!!”

She already knows how to retrieve her toys by name, and put them away in the big bowl. Here we are on July 15, 2008, working on retrieving “one ball” and “two balls,” and putting them away.

She’s not quite there yet, but she’s close… and working hard. She did really well tonight, and as a reward, we moved on to her toy-retrieval work. But notice that I don’t tell her the names of each toy anymore as I throw them out anymore – I only tell her the name of the toy I want her to go get, bring back and put into the bowl.



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