January 7, 2008: Getting more toys by name

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(This is the second video that we shot today, Shayna’s birthday – see the first one here)

Today was Shayna’s sixth birthday!  Woot!

Here you get to see the newest trick we’ve been working on… putting her toys away, by name. By “away,” I mean into a big party bowl I got for her, for this purpose.

The problem has been, that when I get extremely busy (as I have been for the last month), and I work through the first part of our training time (right after dinner), Shayna will go to her toy box and pull out one toy after another, start squeaking them, tapping me on the knee, as if to tell me, “Hey!!! This is my time!!! Whatcha doing???” And before long, the house looks like a human toddler lives here, with toys all over the floor (she’s up to 24 toys now — more than I had as a kid!!!).

So I thought to myself, “If ever there was a practical skill to teach her, it’d be to get her to put her toys away.” So we started working on this in November… and you can see the result. Right now, she can only do one toy at a time, but my hope is that we’ll get to two, three and so on, eventually getting to the point where I can say, “OK, go put away your toys!!!”, and she’ll get to it. This one is tough, though, and I’m not holding out great hope for this to happen, at least for a while!!!

Something weird happened with the video recording though… some strange vertical shadowing… if anyone has any ideas how to correct this in the future, please let me know!!! Enjoy anyway.


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