“Frisbee skiing” during our big 2002 road trip

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A few months after I adopted Shayna, when she was about 6 months old, we went on a big road trip from Charlottesville all the way up to Maine and back. We made numerous stops along the way (NY, NJ, RI, NH, CT), and at most of them, Shayna loved to show off the “frisbee skiing” trick that she taught herself.

This next clip was taken while visiting with my friend Randy in Long Island, NY. He’s a heck of a nice guy, but not the best cameraman, as you’ll see. (Note: He kept urging me to direct Shayna to “ski” on her frisbee in the direction of a house whose dog incessantly barks, to sort of return the favor of loud, undesired noises.)

On a more personal note, here is Randy’s commentary on the change he saw in me, via my interaction with Shayna. It was very touching to hear this after we got home to Virginia. His thoughts closely matched what I was feeling; like a new “me” was blossoming inside the shell of the old me. Those feelings became the genesis of the book I decided to write, to honor the miracle of every day with Shayna:


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