Videos and songs for inspiration


Inspiration is defined as: “The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative.”  I would argue that the implied meaning is to do something constructive, towards a moral end.

We are enveloped in information and art that projects pettiness, negativity, and conflict.  There are precious few people whose work inspires others to do and be their best; to strive to push the boundaries of the possible; and to persevere under difficult circumstances.

Videos are the primary medium for communication today, and as a visual designer, I have a distinct appreciation for the power of well-made film to inspire. Music also has a distinct means of inspiring us.  It is the only form of art that one can carry, even when nude, when one sings along with a song that inspires them.

On this page, I chronicled the major influence that Mary Chapin Carpenter’s inspiring spirit, music and videos have had on me, and as an extension, on my ability to care for Shayna.

Here are some of the other videos and songs that help get my gears turning, and keep me inspired. Perhaps they’ll do the same for you:


No film outside of “Vanilla Sky” has inspired me more than “Validation,” one of a series of short films by the amazing writer-director-composer Ken Kuenne. If you need similar inspiration, sit back, turn off everything around you, and savor this wonderful story of the power of a smile: