18Jan13: Drive to and walk through McIntire Park

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We’ve had a pretty rough last 11 days, since Shayna developed a new medical problem, nothing serious, but terrifying nonetheless given her underlying diagnosis, which is devastating.  The good news is that she is rapidly mending from her current malady, and was very amenable to going out for a ride this very cold morning, to visit McIntire Park, which she loves.  Caution: I was so relieved that singing breaks out about a minute in… be gentle.  I couldn’t hide my happiness.

As you can see, she was also eager to resume running after her tennis ball, which she hasn’t done in years… and pays a price when she does, in terms of some muscle pain and “down time,” afterwards.  But how could anyone deny this smiling girl her desire to run, play and enjoy life, given her condition?  Not me.  Even though I probably should have limited her more than I did.

Also, I give shout-outs to our dear friend Wendy, our guardian angels (Aunts Gloria and Sarah), and cousin Eileen.

Some pics from our journey today:

18Jan13-Shayna at McInitire Park

18Jan13-Shayna at McIntirePark-side


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