April 7-8, 2002: First video of Shayna after I adopted her

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Oh, what precious times.

I adopted Shayna, a 12 week old, 14 lb. pup, on the morning of April 7 – the day the first part of this video was shot. Actually, I began shooting a few hours before I went to pick her up, to show how the apartment was set up… with lots of toys, a big beefy bone, etc. etc. And the first baby rattle I ever bought.

Once I got her home, and I realized I was now a sort of dog “dad,” I think I sensed that my life had changed in a profound way. And I think once she settled in (on my pillow), she realized that her life had taken a dramatic leap forward. Even if I was still living in a mostly barren apartment… the love we developed could fill an arena.


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